Inboxes and Outboxes

It’s T minus 3 days till the beginning of school so it’s time to make sure that we have a better system in place for homework management. And here it is: inboxes and outboxes for both Sophia and I and also her little brother.


These things are called document holders and they come in packs of three and are stackable. They come with mounting hardware so you can mount them to a wall as we’ve done here. These are mounted just around the corner from our new entrance door where my spouse made us a very handy little mudroomish area with hooks and shelves. All this work in aid of helping Sophia and the rest of the family get organized!

 I decided to get these specifically to address the problem of where completed homework belongs (in Sophia’s outbox) since it was such a problem for her last year, but I think these will come in extremely handy when dealing with all the dozens of forms the children bring home that I have to deal with and send back.

The new boxes make my spouse happy because we have no “reminders” on our fridge anymore (a practise that works pretty well for me but drives him nuts because of the cluttered fridge front). Also, the fact that the clear plastic wall-mounted boxes are frankly pretty ugly isn’t a concern because we’ve put them in the most infrequently-used and smallest room in the house.

So now we just have to form the habit of using the new entrance and new mudroom and the new inboxes and outboxes. Starting Tuesday.


Organization: it’s catching

There is a movement afoot in our household. Now that Sophia is putting systems in place to get organized, everyone else wants to get in on the action. We got our copy of David Allen’s Getting Things Done in the mail, and both the adults in the household are reading it.

Also, I installed Wunderlist on my iPad and am using it for getting myself organized in all sorts of ways. I figure that having her parents model good organization in their own lives is probably the number one way to help Sophia get organized. And living in a home that is not in organizational chaos at all times will probably help too.

Other members of the household are beginning to reap the benefits too.

Cloud and Black Licorice are two small chickens who live in our backyard.  When we run out of chicken feed, which happens every three months or so, our chickens are often left in the lurch for a day or two or three until someone finds time to run to the feed store to get them some more laying pellets.  In the meantime, they must survive on kitchen scraps, wild bird seed and bugs.

But look what popped up in my email inbox on Friday afternoon at 3pm.


“Oh, right, nearly forgot that” thought I, when I received said email. I jumped in the car, ran to the feed store, and voilà, no interruption in service levels for our beloved pets.

So, organize one teen and you will solve, if not world hunger, at least backyard hunger.